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A dedicated bamboo sapling is a special gift for any occasion:
seminars, conferences, annual days and birthdays.

An alternative to flower bouquets, plants and trophies.

why gift a bamboo?

  • You are giving a meaningful gift, without worries of packaging, delivery and waste of resources.

  • Your kind effort is a carbon offsetting service, which will help achieve CO2 neutrality.

  • Your plant is a bond for those in need, it will help provide livelihood and security.

  • Your bamboo plantation will restore degraded landscapes in India.

how does it work?

  • When you order your gift, a native bamboo will be planted for you by partners across India.

  • Policy Talks will email you, or the recipient of your choice, an e-certificate personalised with your own message. If requested, we can also send a physical Bamboo Certificate.

  • Policy Talks collaborates with SAdF Manipur to provide Bamboo Certificates to its partners for hosting the THINK Policy course for school students.


partner with us
make a policy change through your gift
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