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join our hands to shape the world around us through powerful stories and innovative ideas


unpack your ideas, skills and challenge yourself in gaining a set of experiences and knowledge to buckle yourself well for your future career.


It is not a floccinaucinihilipilification, rather your time, ideas, skills, and spirit would be contributing towards moulding future citizens of the country.

Policy Talks is a friendly place that provides an opportunity to learn new skills and strengthen existing ones.  The fitting Volunteers will be able to attend and coordinate Policy dialogues, events, interact with think tanks leaders, academia and policy frontrunners.

If you are interested in learning street smart skills and to have impactful learning experience in the policy space, you are invited to sign up with Policy Talks as a Volunteer.



an opportunity to excel in your academic interests while using your skills, talents and ideas creatively

Internships at Policy Talks are for current students who are on the process of completing postgraduate studies in Public Policy, Law, Liberal Arts, Economics or those who have completed their post graduations and waiting for professional engagements.

The Policy Talks Internship programme aims to provide the selected interns with an opportunity excel in their academic interests while using their skills, talents and ideas creatively in different Policy Talks programmes. Interns will be part of a host of profiles.

Policy Dialogues

Facilitating policy events in collaboration with think tanks, non-profits, universities and corporate for linking key influencers.

Research Team

Opportunity to be involved in Secondary research work related to Public Policy, Education systems, Economics, Energy, Environment, Labour Etc,

Social Media Team

Responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring Policy Talks Social Media engagements.

THINK Policy! Program

One-day certificate course on public policy and governance for school leaving students.

Content Writing

Engage in creating content based on different policy case studies & contribute to our publications, newsletter, and Policy Talks blog.

Policy Talks is a friendly place that provides an opportunity to learn new skills and strengthen existing ones.


Candidates should be available for full time or Part-time (in-office) internships and should have relevant skills and interests. Interns will receive a certificate and letter of recommendation after successful completion of their internship.

If you are interested in an internship that gives you space to put your academic interest into action in the Policy space, come and join our Policy Talks Team. 


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Thanks for submitting!

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